About Us

This is Sophia, founder of Soniccx. I have worked in the 3c electronics industry almost my entire life. I used to be in the wholesale business for 11 years, dealing with many brand products, but now I have my own factory to produce official and original 1:1 brand products, and then sell them directly to you. Well-known brands have been our customers. Now they are our competitors. Over the years, we have learned something about them. Low-cost raw material production, relying on brand awareness, selling at high prices, thereby obtaining high profits, 10% of the cost, 90% of the profit.

All brand products produced in our factory, including well-known brands such as Apple, Dyson, JBL, Samsung, etc., are produced using high-quality raw materials and are committed to creating original 1:1 quality for customers. All product functions are the same as the official original ones. Soniccx is committed to creating low-price, high-quality products for customers. We have our own local warehouse in the United States, located in Arizona, with a delivery time of 1-3 days, achieving efficient delivery speed.

Soniccx welcomes you, please feel free to shop, if you need more information, please contact us directly.